Larry Ravenswood was born in Chicago in the early 1960s, and practically from the point of birth , he had always had a happy ear for music, especially popular music. He remembers his mother playing Beatles records(and that means RECORDS ..VINYL!) when he was in the playpen. As the 60s became the 70s, Larry carried his enthusiasm for pop music into a whole new ecstacy: American Top 40. Not a week would go by where Larry wasn’t glued to his favorite radio program listening to Casey Kasem’s every was “heavenly”!..

From 2004-2005 Larry produced and hosted a program called “The Strawberry Pop Show” on KFAI radio Minneapolis/St. Paul. The program attracted many listeners and(in Larry’s humble opinion) became a late night cult classic. The format featured many sights and sounds that Larry heard in his youth..and then some!

These days, the Strawberry Pop Show is less of a current radio program and more of a “virtual simulation” of what a show might’ve and could’ve sounded like back in the “day”. Stay tuned for future info and happenings with the Strawberry Pop Show.

The Strawberry Pop Show presents the Top 100 Songs of 1969





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